Lips and Line Reduction Treatments

in Windsor and the Surrounding Areas

Many of our clients want fuller lips or reduced wrinkles and lines. Natural Glow Aesthetics provides for all your needs with a range of treatments available in Windsor and the surrounding areas in Berkshire. Whether you want to plump up your smile or eliminate the appearance of smile lines, our range of lip filler and line reduction treatments offer the ideal solution.

The Hyaluron pen creates a very natural look with fillers due to the way the filler is deposited and gives the same results as standard dermal filler injections. 

Results will last 4-12 months (the same as needle fillers) depending on your bodies natural breakdown mechanism and lifestyle.
Targeted areas :
Lip, chin and cheek enhancement
Fine lines
Marionette lines (From nose to mouth)

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With a range of lip filler and line reduction treatments, we cover all your aesthetic needs.

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