The Hyaluron Pen

in Windsor and the Surrounding Areas

The Hyaluron pen is an innovative device for cosmetic treatments. The pen generates enough pressure to push Hyaluronic acid (filler), biorevitalizants, meso-cocktails and lipolytics ( fat dissolve) into the skin without the pain and inconvenience of a needle. The pen works by pushing fluids through the pores of the skin into the dermis layer under your skins surface. This is pain free and there is no recovery time. Treatments are completely safe and the pen eliminates any complications from needles.

The Hyaluron pen creates a very natural look with fillers due to the way the filler is deposited and gives the same results as standard dermal filler injections. Results will last 4-12 months (the same as needle fillers) depending on your bodies natural breakdown mechanism and lifestyle.

What can the Hyaluron pen treat ?


Lip, chin and cheek enhancement  Fine lines  Marionette lines (From nose to mouth)


Revitalisation and lifting of the skin

Hair rejuvenation White spots Scaring Stretch marks

Fat and cellulite dissolve

Eradicate Fat and Cellulite

When you choose our cellulite and fat reducing treatments, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.

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